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Photography Radio-Infrared Shutter Module

PRISM plugs into your R/C aircraft receiver, and converts the servo control pulses to the infrared signal protocol necessary to trigger the shutter on your digital camera.  Designed for aerial photography applications, PRISM provides a rugged, reliable method for remotely triggering your digital camera.  Since PRISM uses the infrared remote port of the camera, there's no need for modifying the camera or using a mechanical servo.  PRISM doesn't even need to touch the camera.  It works up to several feet away!

PRISM is currently available for:

Pentax Cameras that support the Pentax Remote E or Remote F
- zoom and shutter control

Olympus Cameras that support the Olympus RM-1 or RM-2 Remotes
- shutter control only

Canon Cameras that support the Canon RC-1 or Canon WL-DC100 Remotes
- zoom and shutter control

Canon Cameras that support the Canon WL-D88 Remotes
- zoom, shutter, or video start/stop control

Nikon Cameras that support the Nikon ML-L3 Remote
N65, N75, D70, D70s, and D50
- shutter control only

Aiptek MPVR, GO-HD 720, A-HD 720, MZ-DV, DV5800,
- zoom and shutter control

Sony Video Cameras that support the Sony RMT-831 & RMT-835 Remotes
- zoom or video start/stop control

Sanyo Video Cameras that support the Sanyo BRC-C2 Remote
- zoom or video start/stop control, shutter control

For more information, view the instruction manual:  PRISM Manual

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PRISM mounted on a Pentax Optio S4